Sonnet Discovery Platform



Sonnet BioTherapeutics is leveraging a proprietary platform to develop a pipeline of bi- and tri-functional therapies that can stimulate and/or block immune-modulating targets. The company’s objective is to generate two preclinical candidates per year with in vivo validation in mouse models utilizing Sonnet’s proprietary technology.

Sonnet Concept

Sonnet technology leverages a scaffold based on our proprietary albumin binding single chain antibody fragment (scFv) for delivery of recombinant human-cytokines (rH-cytokines) and other validated targets.

Following IV administration, the albumin-binding fragment attaches to naturally occurring albumin in the bloodstream and accumulates in inflamed tissue, including cancer tissue.

By attaching a cytokine molecule to our albumin-binding fragment, we enable the cytokine to survive in the bloodstream and accumulate in the tumor micro-environment, allowing it a greater chance to generate an anti-cancer immune response.

Platform Characteristics

  • Single domain antibody fragment platform (ScFv and VhH)
  • Enhanced pharmacokinetics and targeting of the tumor environment via albumin delivery
  • Validated targets, initially focused on rH-cytokines
  • Dual targeting feasible – combination Immune Oncology therapeutics engineered into a single product
  • Able to activate and sustain an immune response selectively against tumors
  • Modular scaffold that can be customized to yield a broad family of multi-targeted therapeutics.